Alyx Ulbrich ND, CCN, CPT 

Alyx is a Doctor of Naturopathy who's sole focus with her clients is a mind and body connection that heals the individual, while creating the desired performance and aesthetic goals. She is a military spouse, clinically certified nutritionist, and certified personal trainer with over ten years of hands on experience as a coach. She is an Ultra Runner, WBFF Fitness Pro Ranked 5th in North America in 2016 and 11th in the World in 2016, and Ironman Triathlete. She believes that anyone can accomplish anything if they set their minds to it and are willing to put in the work. 

Captain Kristopher Ulbrich CPT

Kristopher is a USMC Captain, a Certified Personal Trainer, and a rugby player, runner, and Ironman triathlete. He enjoys competing on all levels in any athletic sport, and has a long time background in soccer and strength training. He handles many of the military specific programs, including specific preps for Bootcamp, OCS, and specialty training schools. His clients have 100% graduation record at all military schools and believe their workouts are tougher than anything thrown their way in any event. 

Michele Riley CPT 

Michele is a personal trainer, mom, military spouse, bikini competitor, and competitive OCR athlete. She enjoys anything that takes her and her family outdoors and gets them active. She currently resides in Southern California and runs group workouts, as well as posing sessions for WBFF & NPC competitors. 

Trisha Oubre, CPT 

Trisha is a group fitness instructor with a passion for dance and posing. She is a former national level ice skater, and enjoys hip hop, dance fitness, and cardio based intense workouts. She is a bikini competitor, posing coach, military spouse located in Southern California. She teaches one on one for posing in the Orange County / LA area.  Trisha is a hard working business woman, and knows the time it takes to get results, she is a no excuses girl and will leave you breathless and your stage presence transformed. 

Sara Fadziewicz, CPT, WBFF Pro

Sara is a certified personal trainer, former cheerleader, active runner, OCR athlete, and WBFF Fitness Pro. She handles East Coast Posing clients, as she's currently based in Connecticut as well as coaching FirePower Fit clients.  She knows first hand the struggles of juggling a full time position and fitness, and is known for her compassionate love of her clients. Her favorite is coaching clients for the WBFF and bodybuilding stages, and handling people just beginning their fitness journeys!